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Master hygiene for tattoos, piercings and permanent make-up. Ensure safety & professionalism. This hygiene procedures certificate is obligatory to get started.

Hygiene procedures for tattoos, piercings and (semi-)permanent make-up - language English: waarom zou je deze opleiding volgen?

If you want to offer professional (semi-) permanent make-up services, it is mandatory to complete the hygiene procedures training for tattoos, piercings, and permanent makeup.


You understand that (semi-) permanent makeup involves introducing pigments into the dermis, which poses a real risk of infection.
You apply (semi-) permanent makeup to your clients in a safe and hygienic manner.
You strictly adhere to guidelines and procedures while acting ethically and professionally.
You prevent the transmission of infections.

The Certificate

Because (semi-) permanent makeup application is typically used outside of a medical setting, the High Health Council has decided that all professionals must complete this mandatory training. This was established in the Royal Decree of 25/11/2005.
Attendance during all lessons is required to participate in the exam at the end of the course. The registration fee includes both the lessons and exam participation. Upon successful completion of this training, you will receive the official certificate.


  • preventable risks
  • mechanism of infection
  • simple and effective preventive measures
  • standards of hygiene and procedures
  • the skin
  • the mucous membrane
  • possible complications
  • antiseptics
  • your safety
  • wound care

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